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Istanbul Anahtar Company was founded on 1997 and changed the name to “Istanbul Elektronik Anahtar” on 2003. The company operates in automotive key programming industry and manufactures transponder key cloning and programming devices.

Istanbul Elektronik Anahtar(IEA) is a Turkish company and remains to be the first and only manufacturer company in it’s field in Turkey. The company started manufacturing Code Reader tool which was a elementary level transponder reader and cloner tool and continued with Zed-Qx transponder cloner tool which was able to clone crypto transponders for the first time in the world. IEA managed to attract attention with Zed-Qx and took a big step with th following revolutionary machine Zed-BULL; this device was based on a unique tool for all applications principle(transponder cloning, obd programming and eeprom programming). IEA had very large numbers of happy customers all around the world with the Zed-BULL tool. The latest device”Zed-FULL” is still on the market and being sold by more than 40 distributors all around the world. Zed-FULL was developed and being improved constantly with over 20 Electronics and computer engineers. Zed-FULL is a unique tool which an automotive locksmith may need, it still remains to be the first and only tool in the world which has this unique feature. Domestic sales and support for the IEA products is done by the IKS(Immotech Key Systems) company which is a subsidiary of IEA company. International sales are done through a large distributor network and all distributors supply technical support as well as sales service. IEA company is operating in Ikitelli Industrial Zone in Istanbul Turkey. IEA follows the “competition brings quality” philosophia and gives its best effort to bring best and cost effective solutions to the industry.